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Over the past ten years Reynolds-MacKenzie has evolved from two like-minded individuals into a growing and diverse team focused solely on the challenges of the healthcare sector.

We boast a wealth of seasoned professionals as well as bright and enthusiastic staff seeking to bring fresh perspective to our business. Backgrounds range from science and communications to policy and art. We house different nationalities, personalities and plenty of opinion.

Across our three Group divisions we build teams according to their individual strengths, ensuring fresh content and a service that stays relevant to client needs.


Alison MacKenzie, Group Managing Director

Co-founder of the RM Group, Alison has an established PR career spanning over 20 years with a key focus and passion for driving regional and global media campaigns.

Eva Reynolds, Partner & Group Managing Director

With over 20 years of experience, co-founder of the RM Group, Eva, brings a wealth of skills across all walks of PR as well as industry-leading strategic insight.

Claire Martin, Head of Global Expansion & Client Services

With 15 years hands-on PR experience working in Europe, Asia Pacific and the United States, Claire brings full-service strategic counsel to international brands looking to create impact globally.

Anna Radnavale, Managing Director

Anna, the company’s very first employee, has extensive experience in UK communications both pre and post product launch. Anna’s enthusiasm and positivity is contagious, helping to lead and inspire the team to get the very best media results for our clients.

Tim Cockroft, Director

Tim brings over 12 years’ experience across the media and PR landscape. He has been at the forefront of some of the highest profile brand launches in the industry, delivered award-winning creative campaigns and provides senior strategic guidance for International and UK clients.